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An addict's mind and body is essentially held prisoner by his or her compulsion for drugs, alcohol, gambling, nicotine, sex or other substances and behaviors. Addictions like these, however, are not a hopeless case. As long as the addict has enough will to break the chains of addiction, drug abuse help is always available, including various recovery programs that are in place to help them improve their prospects for a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life through structured and progressive plans for addiction recovery.

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12 Step Behavioral Disorder Recovery Programs

Not all addictions involve the use of a substance, and the principles of a 12-step program have been adopted by a number of programs designed to help people who are living with behavioral addictions. Through attending meetings with others who share their behavioral issues, addicts can get the help they need.

12-Step Substance Abuse Recovery Programs

A 12-step program is one where addicts help other addicts through fellowship to break free from addiction. Rather than relying on themselves and their willpower to lead healthier lives, they admit they have no power over their addictions and turn their lives over to a Higher Power for help. Members also admit their shortcomings and make amends, where possible, to those they have hurt.

Addiction Support Groups

Support groups can help addicts to deal with their issues. Being with a group of people who share the same addiction gives support to the addict and helps them to stay clean and sober.

Addiction Wellness Coaching

A wellness coach offers an addict different services than either a 12-step program or a treatment facility does. Rather than look back at the addict's past, his or her focus is on the positive future their clients can look forward to.

Non 12-Step Behavior Disorder Support Programs

Not all people who are living with an addiction are involved with alcohol or another type of substance. Behavioral addictions are just as powerful as substance abuse problems, and there are alternative ways to treat them than a 12-step program.

Non 12 Step Substance Abuse Recovery Programs

Twelve step programs for substance abuse can be effective for people who are trying to deal with this type of addiction, but they are not the only treatment option available. Non 12-step substance abuse programs can also be effective for people who want to stop using drugs and/or alcohol.

Self Help Substance Abuse Recovery Programs

The self-help movement is alive and well. From the work of Dale Carnegie ("How to Win Friends and Influence People") and Napoleon Hill ("Think and Grow Rich") to the popular "for Dummies" guides, there is no shortage of materials available for people who decide they want to make changes in their lives. 

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