The decision to take drugs and other mind-altering substances may have seemed easy to make at the time when you began. Deciding to get sober, however, is not. After all, the effects of alcohol and drugs have proven time and again to be so overwhelming that before you realize it, you already are an addict. What started as a way to drown your problems out becomes the problem itself, and can be even more consuming and painful than the original problem that drove you to using.

Treatment Prices

A common concern among individuals who are dealing with addiction problems, or their loved ones, is the cost of drug rehab. Basically, it all depends on the type of treatment program you choose. It is important that before embarking on any treatment program, you should find out what services are included, and whether your insurance will cover any of the expenses so you can narrow down your options to what programs best meet your needs in the most affordable way.


Watching loved ones slowly destroy their lives with drugs and alcohol is a heavy cross to bear. More often than not, families and friends feel powerless and unable to help them. Then disaster strikes, in the form of a tragic alcohol or drug-related incident, and they end up losing them forever. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you have a family member or a friend who you believe is suffering from an addiction, getting family and friends together and planning a drug and alcoholism intervention is the best option you have of saving your loved one.

Treatment Financing

Let's face it, drug treatment programs cost money---serious money. While there are free or state-sponsored drug rehab programs out there, the programs that have generally shown a demonstrable level of success and that can provide quality treatment services with accountability and without the hassles of waiting, are private rehab facilities.