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Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine is a drug that has traditionally been used as an anesthetic in veterinary medicine. It has also been used in pediatric medicine for this purpose. Not only can it relieve pain, but Special K has powerful hallucinogenic qualities. The ketamine available on the street and in clubs are most likely procured by theft from a veterinary hospital or clinic. When ketamine is used as an anesthetic, it is injected or given intravenously. It can be converted into a powder by allowing the liquid in the injectable form to evaporate. The white substance is usually snorted, but some users choose to inject it.

Ketamine Basics

Ketamine, Special K or K, is a fast-acting 'dissociative anesthetic'. Rather than blocking pain like traditional painkillers, it shuts off the brain from the body. With the brain no longer processing information from nerve pathways, awareness expands resulting in a hallucinogenic state. Since 1970, it has been popular in medicine in the UK and US and all over the world as a safe anesthetic for children and the elderly. Doctors in the Emergency Room may use K for certain procedures, including intubating youngsters.

Ketamine Experiments

out of your mind It did take too long before people began to notice Ketamine's unusual side effects. A significant number of patients treated with the anesthetic began to report vivid out-of-body experiences. There were tales of fantastical interactions with divine forces and full-on psychedelic weirdness. These powerful, dream-like insights occurred as patients were regaining consciousness and were consequently termed 'emergent states'. Doctors began adding a tranquilizer to Ketamine injections to block out the effect, but less scrupulous doctors, dentists, vets and academics were leading the way in experimenting with Ketamine at sub-knockout doses.

Ketamine Links

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Ketamine Sources

primary sources » ketamine: dreams & realities by Dr Karl Jansen (2001) Straddling both the recreational and medical worlds, Jansen explores in detail Ketamine use, experiences, pharmacology addiction and health issues, as well as its potential as a psychedelic prop for psychotherapy and healing. Jansen is as close as the world gets to a world-expert on Ketamine. This is an honest, well-written and authoritative manual for anyone interested in the subject. secondary sources »