Not all addictions involve ingesting a substance. In fact, behavioral health problems can cause as much if not more damage to the health, finance, and livelihoods of those affected. Behavioral addictions occur when someone participates in an activity to the point where it negatively affects their lives, and they are unable to stop doing so. The compulsion to do the activity gets in the way of the addict's ability to sleep, work, or have meaningful personal relationships.

Compulsive Exercise Addiction

Exercise is an example of something that on the surface may sound like it would be good for us, being taken to extremes. However exercise addiction and extreme fixation on physical fitness is a compulsive behavior that may be quite difficult to stop without appropriate treatment.

Food Addiction

We need to eat to live. That's a basic fact. We enjoy eating food that is well prepared and presented, and that tastes good. For a food addict, their obsession with food goes well beyond enjoying a great meal. The obsession with eating, or rather consuming, takes over their lives.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions happens when a person takes having fun playing a game where they have a chance to win to an extreme level. Instead of being an enjoyable pastime, it is something that they feel compelled to do and typically risk everything to continue doing even as losses amass. What is Gambling Addiction? Gambling addicts are not in control of whether they will gamble or not. These compulsive gamblers feel a rush or a high from the experience, and they continue doing the behavior to get it over and over.  Both online gambling and real world forms, such as playing poker at a casino, can be extremely addictive.

Love Addiction

The term "love addiction" is a bit of a misnomer. Love addicts aren't really in love with the person who is the object of their affection. Instead, the addiction surrounds a series of compulsive actions that the person is unable to stop.

Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is more than viewing erotic materials for personal enjoyment or as something shared with a partner to add some variety to one's love life. A porn addict uses this medium as a way to space out to deal with stress, worries, or emotional upset, or in an attempt to get a "high" from seeing images that feed into their sexual fantasies. What is Porn Addiction? Porn addicts either accumulate large collections of pornography or spend a lot of time viewing Internet porn. Typically, they isolate themselves while watching, and they may spend hours or days in this activity. Despite wanting to stop or being told they need to stop by their partner or a concerned friends or family members, they are unable to give up their porn habit.

Sex Addiction

Snicker if you will, but sex addiction is no laughing matter. Instead of having healthy sexual relationships, a sex addict uses the activity as a way to get a rush, deal with stress, or escape from negative feelings. They get caught up in fantasizing about sex and in sexual activities to the extent that it interferes with their everyday lives.

Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction is also known as oniomania. This is considered to be an impulse control disorder that is similar to gambling, food, or sex addictions. Shopping addiction is a condition that affects just under nine percent of people in the United States. What is Shopping Addiction? Shopping can be an enjoyable experience, but when it becomes out of control, the person is living with an addiction. The shopping addict may feel compelled to buy items they don't need or really want; they get a rush from the experience itself. Despite efforts to stop the reckless spending, the shopping addict is unable to change their behavior.

Video Game Addiction

People who play video games to excess run the risk of becoming video game addicts. They become more engaged with playing than with their lives in the real world. What is Video Game Addiction? Video game addicts are living with a psychological addiction to playing. This form of addiction is not currently included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) due to a lack of research and evidence indicating that it is a disorder. If it is officially recognized as a psychological disorder, it will likely be placed in the same category as gambling addiction - a disorder involving a lack of impulse control Signs of Video Game Addiction Signs that a person has become a video game addict include:

Work Addiction

Work addiction is a type of addiction that may not be taken as seriously as it should. It's not the same thing as someone working hard or trying to keep their job. It's an obsessive-compulsive behavior that can lead to some serious consequences. What is Work Addiction? Unlike a person who wants to be a good employee or is a driven entrepreneur, work addicts don't have a sense of balance in their lives. Even when they are away from work, they can't stop thinking about work or doing some activity associated with work. Even if they are told that they are damaging their health or that their personal relationships are suffering, they keep up the same demanding work schedule.